Here's what the VO pros say about MyVOCoach...


"The VO coach to the best in the biz BY the best in the biz!!!! You are the greatest..."
Jim Tasker


"He is so generous with his knowledge of this field and speaks from three different points of view - teacher, voice actor and director of literally tens of thousands of network television promos.  You'll work in this class! The time flew by and we were left wanting more".

J.V. Martin


"...if you're looking to move your Promo VO to Primetime, I encourage you to check out a MyVOCoach Promo Intensive workshop".

Joe Cipriano


“I left MyVOCoach's promo class feeling inspired and enlightened. He teaches from the heart. It's rare to find a coach so devoted to cultivating a truly well rounded voice talent. I can't wait for the next class!”

Lindsay Martell


"If you have the chance to attend a MyVOCoach workshop, I say do it!  He is the best in the business.  He'll give you the insight and tools to perform at your best.  Very inspiring, very actor friendly, very recommended.  Learn from a guy who directs VO talent everyday.  Invest in yourself and move forward with confidence and power".                                    

Larry Davis


"If you want to move forward in this industry, MyVOCoach's wisdom and experience will help you take a huge step in the right direction".

Scott Rummell


"MyVOCoach was instrumental in teaching the ABC's & 123's of network promo, and now I am voicing ABC TV's "Detroit 187," thanks to his tutelage".



"He's the Zen master in the garden of VO. If you're considering a workshop with MyVOCoach or one-on-one coaching, I say do it!"      

Stew Herrera


“As a teacher, he is patient, supportive, positive and knowledgeable. His ability to create a safe, nurturing environment really impressed me most. He has a unique approach that really upped my game… He also produces amazing demos. Right out of the gate, my Trailer Demo got me signed by a top management firm. What more can I say?”

Melanie Harrison


“I just signed a deal to be the new, news voice of CTV in Canada!
The guidance you gave me in understanding and perfecting my conversational tone directly helped land me this gig and I can't thank you enough!”

David Tyler


"Ladies and gentlemen, I now bestow upon My VO Coach, the title, "The Maestro”. He's listening for every nuance...every word...your intonation...your pronunciation...your believability...YOUR YOU! He's "The Maestro" alright and he helped me find the right instrument for me!"

Jaye Delai


"He is a fantastic Coach and a true Gentleman. If you are looking to learn from the best and someone who does the work every day with the biggest talent in the business, MyVOCoach is nothing but awesome."

D.C. Goode