Who directed VO sessions with Don LaFontaine for18 years? Joe Cipriano for almost 20 years? And nearly every who’s who in the VO Trailer/Promo industry?…  Native Angeleno, David Alden! Growing up with Hollywood as a backdrop, he almost couldn’t help but be in the entertainment industry. For a time, his father’s restaurant was right across the street from Warner Brothers Studios! It was certainly an auspicious beginning.

With years of experience as an actor, voice actor, VO coach & VO producer, David’s intention is to share and bring forward his unique perspective and wisdom of the VO creative process. He has directed voice-over sessions for numerous theatrical trailers, as well as, over 50,000 Network Promos… and counting!

His acting television and film experience includes HBO’s “Vietnam War Stories”, AFI’s “The Wall”, “The Young & The Restless”, “General Hospital” and the cult classic “The White Shadow”. Stage credits include “Terra Nova”, “As You Like It”, “Comedy of Errors”, “Harvey”, “The Serpent”, “Our Town”, “The Robber Bridegroom”, and The Miss Hamford Beauty Pageant and Battle of the Bands” which won the prized “Scotsman Award” at the Fringe Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland! Yes, this is where he learned to love the bagpipes, cask ales, proper pints and fine single malt scotch.

His image has also graced print advertisements for Kraft Foods, Seafirst Bank, and Go Incognito Sunglasses.

With his stage, film and television acting experience, David clearly understands the actor mentality and the ever unfolding acting process. For a number of years he worked producing theatrical trailers, which included such notable campaigns as Thelma & Louise, Backdraft, A Few Good Men, Edward Scisscorhands, Boyz n the Hood, Misery, My Girl, The Remains of the Day, City Slickers, Glengarry Glen Ross, and many, many more. For the past two decades he has directed Network Promos for a major television network.

He has directed and continues to direct the top promo & trailer voices, such as the late Don Lafontaine, Joe Cipriano, Aaron May, Vanessa Marshall, Tony Rodgers, Ben Patrick Johnson, Scott Rummell, Jim Pratt, Stew Herrera, Randy Thomas, Rino Romano, Tress MacNeille, Rob Paulsen, Graeme Judd, Phil Terrence, Jim Tasker, Chad Erickson, Roger Rose, Dave Fennoy, Ashton Smith, Andy Geller, John Leader and Nick Tate, just to name drop a few 😉

In addition, via one-on-one personal coaching, weekend workshops and as a guest director for other VO coaches, David has coached many highly accomplished and promising voice-over talent from many parts of the globe.

While David has a relentless enthusiasm for vocal self-expression and performing, he can also be found playing tennis any chance he gets, but only if a high degree of laughter is involved. As a joyful being of creative energy, he also has an enthusiastic passion for art and paints in a variety of mediums. Ever an explorer of Self-development, higher consciousness and sagacious wisdom, he has completed graduate level studies in Spiritual Psychology at the University of Santa Monica, which he feels brings an unparalleled level of depth, not only to his voice-over performances, coaching and directing, but his life.